Hi!  Thank you for coming to our site.  My name is Susan Haseley.  I grew up in central Illinois and married my high school sweetheart, Roger.  Can I tell you how wonderful he is?  Roger has supported every one of my dreams and found a way to help me make them happen.  Together, we have two awesome grown children.  We love spending time with them and our beautiful granddaughter.  If you have ever seen me speak, then you have met our Charlotte!  She has such a big personality and she’s only 4!

So why did I invent a speech therapy device?  The short answer is that I wasn’t willing to let two of my students fail.  They had spectacular parents who helped them and did whatever was asked.  This was not only frustrating for me, but it was also creating a wedge in therapy.  I knew I needed tongue tension, but nothing that I had tried before was working.  Therefore, I just had to invent a product.

The Bite-R was created solely for tongue tension, but I wanted a device that didn’t give a distorted jaw or lip placement for the R sound. It dawned on me, I knew I needed tongue tension and I had just the idea of how to create a device that would use tactile cueing to teach it! Having had no experience in design, manufacturing or business; the right people came along and provided information, support and helped me to give a product that has helped many children achieve the R sound.