Start Up Kit

This kit is recommended for first time users of the Bite-R. The resourcefullness of the Manual will help even the seasoned Speech Language Pathologist. The Practice Deck and Charting Forms are easy to use and help the child develop an awareness of the R sound. The kit includes: 2 Bite-Rs with cases 1 Manual 1 Practice Deck


Quick Start Kit

The Quick Start Kit is perfect for those first-timer users who want to see how the Bite-R works. The Kit includes a Bite-R and case, the Practice Deck (which tells how to handle misarticulations on the back of each card) and an Instruction Booklet . A great way to begin.




The Caseload Kit includes all the same materials as the Start Up Kit but gives you more Bite-Rs to use with your caseload. The Caseload is especially designed for the speech pathologist who has multiple clients and wants to save money by purchasing a larger kit.​ The kit includes: The Manual Practice Cards 8 Bite-Rs with cases ​


Replacement Caseload

The Replacement Caseload is for those therapists who have used the Bite-R before and have the manual and the Practice Cards. All kits are marked down 10% making it less expensive to purchase 5 at a time than to purchase 1 Bite-R over and over. The kit includes: 5 Bite-Rs with cases only


Single Bite-R

The Single Bite-R is for the Speech Pathologist who has used the Bite-R before and wants to use it on a single student. It is recommended that if this is your first purchase, you save money and purchase the Quick Start Kit which includes the Practice Deck. The Practice Deck gives instruction to remediate common misarticulations. Includes: 1 Bite-R with case only


Manual: Tactile Therapy for the Remediation of the R Sound

The Tactile Therapy for the Remediation of the R sound Manual is for the speech pathologist who needs an additional Manual at a second school. The Manual includes information to help with the disordered R sound including how to figure out what the child is doing in order to correct the misarticulations. Included is a chapter on the vowelized /r/ and why it may be disordered. Includes: 1- Tactile Therapy for the Remediation of the R Sound


The Practice Deck

The Practice Deck includes 30 words (from the most used words in the English Language) to use to teach the R sound. On the back of each card is a description of the sound errors that are common and how to instruct the child to correct his R sound.