Parent Page

We love Parents!  Parents are always the first and best teachers of their children.  
But when it comes to the R sound, frustration can abound.  The child can’t imitate the R, but can recognize when someone else’s R sound is poor.  The child can make an R sound in one word, but not in another with the same sounds!  The child can produce a clear R word and then turn around and say it incorrectly the next time.
This is frustrating!  To the child.  To the Parents.  To the Speech Pathologist.  It seems to be easy to blame someone else.
So when it comes the R sound, we say to you the parents, “We’ve got this one!”  Relax.  You have the homework of school, the after school activities and all of the burdens that go with being a parent.  “We’ve got this one!”
Here is what will happen as your child uses the device with the school speech pathologist:
1) Almost instantly your child will become aware of his/her tongue.  The elastic band on the Bite-R provides a strong feel that increases the tongue tension.
2)  Next your child will develop a tongue position that helps your child create more perfect R sounds…that he/she can repeat.
3)  Carryover happens without the child being aware of it…which makes it perfect for both you and the child.
We’ve got this one!